Victory Brinker is the youngest opera singer known that can sing in 8 languages and hit almost 4 octaves!!

The World's Youngest 


Victory Brinker

Tiny Opera Singer


Victory Brinker is an 9 year old opera singer and actor, who sings songs in eight languages with almost a 4 octave range.  

A Latrobe, Pennsylvania native, she has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo, for NBA games, Pittsburgh Pirates 2019 Home Opener, Little Big Shots, Pittsburgh Steelers and many more with many more to come as Victory comes into your home!  

She has performed both lead and supporting roles in three movies in 2019, and was thrilled to perform in the stage show, Lights and Legends, a holiday variety stage show at the Pittsburgh Public Theater performances.  

Victory was the "Mighty" performer finally on NBC's Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy in April 2020!

Besides her passion for singing, Victory loves playing with all her siblings, swimming, legos and slime!

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Victory Brinker

Tiny Opera Singer


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Victory is available to perform for events. Please send all booking inquiries to 

Christine Brinker at [email protected]